Measurement Analytics and Insight Solutions

The measurement analytics and insight solutions of the Miaozhen Systems can provide insights into advertising strategy and trend analysis, help customers gain insights into the market and pay attention to changes in competing products, optimize marketing strategy and content creativity, and realize intelligent competition. Visual data presentation of standard and custom dashboards realize real-time data interaction and agile operation of data. Through analysis of historical and existing data, customers can get valuable insight and make better decisions.

Core Functional Points of Measurement Analytics and Insight
  • Help brands gain insight
    into the market, pay at-
    tention to the changes
    in competing products
    and optimize marketing
  • Use multi-dimensional
    visual data and real-
    time data interaction
    to gain valuable insights
  • Enable better decision-
    making through platform-
    level services with
    industry know-how
D-force data analysis platform

D-force is an enterprise-level marketing data integration portal and intelligent analysis and decision-making system. It can help enterprises establish a sustainable operation model and KPI system for full-link evaluation on the basis of accumulating brand marketing knowledge, build scenario modules such as monitoring, analysis and campaign. It assists enterprises to realize online business data visualization and marketing decision-making. In addition, D-force, as a Miaozhen Systems’ marketing data integration system, provides brand owners with platform-level services with industry know-how, helping brand owners to capture industry trends in real time and optimize marketing decisions.

  • Cross-platform integration and presentation of enterprise-level data
    Assist C-level to manage and view global data

  • Online monitoring of data in key links of business departments
    Realize business model presentation and business unification

  • Online analysis of marketing data such as ads serving
    Improve online analysis efficiency of operators

  • Scenario module for specific marketing War Room, update data in real time, find problems quickly and accelerate actual combat decision